About Opportunity Capital

Grow Your Payments Business with Opportunity Capital.

Founded by successful payment entrepreneurs who built and successfully exited several Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) in the payments industry.  Opportunity Capital’s strategy is based upon 25 + years of working with businesses that are either constrained by traditional commercial institutions or simply do not have access to capital.

Opportunity Capital is a pioneer and market leader in residual loans and portfolio acquisitions to business’s in the Payments Industry, such as ISOs, ISVs, MSPs, and . Opportunity Capital is the most active capital provider in the merchant services space as residual streams are typically not considered an eligible asset by traditional financing sources.

Opportunity Capital debt solutions provide both first and second lien loans and is often able to structure a financing that is complementary to an existing credit facility. We provide covenant light working capital, growth capital, acquisition capital or special situation financing, with terms that range from 12 to 48 months.

The management team at Opportunity Capital has been involved in over 100 residual portfolio buyouts.  We offer unique structures with flexible terms to maximize the value of your portfolio.